Hypnotherapy Space -
The Quiet Mind

A Gym for your emotional well-being.

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 Do you ever think to yourself, I wish I could  just relax?

I just can't seem to relax. There's always so much to do.
 Work is so stressful and I feel drained. 
 I need to relax.

I wish there was something 
I could do relax.

I just need some 'me time' where I don't have to run around or jump about?


The stress and anxieties of every day life affect us all. Be it workplace stress or home/family management. We already do many things to assist our physical well-being, eating healthy, exercise etc, but what about of emotional well-being - our Mind. We need to look after our Mind and emotional well-being just as much as we do our physical bodies.

Join 'The Quiet Mind' relaxation classes today and give your Mind the well-being it deserves.

Classes are available during the day, throughout lunchtime, and early to late evening. So no matter when your free time is there is a class for you. The classes last 30 minutes. 

One Class: £15
Two classes per week: £25
Block of x10 classes: £125

Special introductory offer to those who attend the complimentary taster evenings:

Block of x10 classes: £95

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