Hypnotherapy Space -
Mind to Body
 Relaxation Massage
What I wouldn't give for a massage that could relax my mind as well as my body? 
I wish there was a way I could relax wherever and whenever I needed to.
There is. It's called...
Mind to Body
Relaxation Massage.
Everyone loves to pamper themselves on occassion by having a body massage. The wonderful relaxation and powerful muscle relaxant the body massage offers can be idyllic especially after a hard week at work. But why stop there? Why not treat yourself to a full  Mind to Body Relaxation Massage.
Experience a total Mind to Body Relaxation Massage with Hypnosis.  Learn to be able to give yourself a daily Mind to Body Relaxation Massage whenever and where ever you wish.
A Mind and Body Relaxation Massage through hypnosis not only relaxes your entire body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, but it also incorporates a gentle and relaxing mind massage.  It is not only our bodies that ache and groan and need taking care of, so do our minds.  Hypnosis allows your mind to gently relax and clear all the tension that everyday life brings.  To be able to relax completley from head to toe is the ultimate in Mind to Body Relaxation Massage. 
This gentle, safe, unobtrusive touch free relaxation massage is fast becoming a popular alternative to the everyday body massage.  Whilst it does not take away for the hands on, deep tissue massage that some may prefer, the Mind to Body  Relaxation Massage allows the client the full relaxation of the massage without having to remove your clothes and for some the preference for a'touch free' massage.
The Mind to Body Relaxation Massage is a massage you can adopt and experience no matter where you are or what you are doing by simply closing your eyes. 
Cost: £50
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